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10 Places Which Are Close To Nature

Bedaghat, Jabalpur-

Bedaghat unfetters pristine sight for all holidaymakers in a landlocked region. Dhuadhar falls, Marble rocks and the famed Yogini temple are the major nearby attractions.

Bargi Dam, Jabalpur-

The aesthetic milieu of Bargi Dam sources way to notable cruise ride along with the unvarying view of the gorgeousness playing peek a boo with nature.

Dumna Nature Reserve, Jabalpur-

Avoiding the mundane terrains of a natural reserve, Dumna has created a fair of extravagance for its visitors. Crocodile sighting is a privilege extended to everyone.

Tilwara Ghat, Jabalpur-

Just 10km away from Jabalpur city, Tilwara Ghats are a source of muse for many artisans. Devotees have also vested their interest in the illustrious ghats, for it also suffices as a wishing well.

Sangram Sagar Lake, Jabalpur-

Among several cascades and lakes that surround Jabalpur, Sangram Sagar Lake is rich in lush green settings, which are in fact a delight to watch.

Bamni Dadar Sunset Point-

What you’d think of as a sunset point is indeed a camouflaged land of rich flora and fauna. Tigers, jackals, wild dogs, owl, spotted deer, sloth bear and several species of birds wander here sans limitations.

Marble Rock Formation-

On the banks of river Narmada lie these primeval marble rocks that not only stands aloof from the slow decay of natural sites, but also serves as an imperative source to the world for exquisite marble pieces.

Dhuandhar Falls-

The Dhuandhar Falls is a bravura cascade of Madhya Pradesh, positioned on Narmada River in Bhedaghat. It dives in the water making a ricocheting gamut of fog, hence known as Dhuandhar.

Balancing Rock-

The world stands in awe considering the bizarre balancing of this balancing rock, researchers can’t come to a conclusion vis-à-vis the reason behind this magic.

Pisanhari Ki Madiya-

A conglomerate of temples, Pisanhari Ki Madiya is a herculean act of a woman. Years and years of unwavering persistence produced this trail of temples.