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10 Places To Explore The Art And Culture

Rani Durgavati Museum-

Dictating anecdotes of Rani Durgavati, the museum has sculptures, handmade artefacts and inscriptions from the bygones. However, the highlight lies in the sandstone replicas of lord Shiva and Devi Parvati.

Bandhavgarh Fort-

The highly revered Bandhavgarh Fort bears unequivocal magnificence. The aura belongs simultaneously to both; the fort and the neighborhood.

Raneh Waterfalls-

A cascade amidst the rock-strewn terrain appears to be a piece of art that God has created with his own hands.

Narmada River Puja-

Highly revered river Narmada is home to unaccountable rites and rituals. It attracts devotees from across the country, only because there have been endless tales of its piousness.

Sangram Sagar Lake-

The well-known clandestine of Sangram Sagar Lake is the pivot of birds. The lake is famed for its remarkable architecture and extraordinary serenity.

Flat cotton & wool carpet-

Over the years, Jabalpur has been losing its classic glory of durry design i.e flat cotton and wool carpets. The marvelous details with which these carpets were made are still a matter of awe and wonder.

Chauragarh Fort –

Safekeeping the relics of the 16th century is the unabated business of Chauragarh Fort.  It screams its fall during the British reign, along with the apogee that it enjoyed during the period of influence of Gond and Marathas.

Vijayraghavgarh Fort-

The fort withstood with the battle of 1857- the turning point in the Indian freedom struggle. Made from sandstone and encircled with safety trench, Vijayraghavgarh illuminates reminisce of the glorious past.

Kachnar City Temple –

What else would speak more about the culture of the city than a 76ft tall Lord Shiva statue? The Shiva attraction here has been a source of muse and one of the largest piece of art.


It is Central Indian’s most prominent cultural fest and indubitably the only one that relentlessly tries to embody the true essence of culture. Embracing all forms of Indian culture, the festival hosts a gamut of interesting events.