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10 Must Visit Places To Discover In The Circuit

Dhuandhar Falls-

The clangor produced by these waterfalls can not only be heard from a distance but also plays a rather intriguing role in the covert splendor of this place. The waterfall is of such potency that produces colossal mist, leaving a repertoire of smoky surrounding.

Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat-

Marble rocks are a grandeur whose aura lies in the white rock-strewn terrain. Engendering unfathomable radiance the pristine waters flows underneath the edgy rocks; rich in blue and brown colored marble.

Kanha National Park –

To satiate the understanding of diverse flora and fauna, especially that of tigers, leopards and sloth bears; do visit this national park. Kanha reserve flourishes in meadows and open forest, giving abundant opportunities for animal sighting.

Bandhavgarh National Park –

What will a blowhard boast about Bandhavgarh that the place can’t prove itself? With a whopping expanse and cutting edge fauna; this is a definite treat for wildlife enthusiasts.

Pench National Park-

Let’s go back to the time where The Jungle Book was the biggest fantasy of every child; recollect those memories and explore Pench National Park, which served as an inspiration to Rudyard Kipling.

Bandhavgarh Fort-

Perched at the height of 811 meters in the middle of the jungle; facilitates an abode to several endangered species that live in the Jungle. The architecture of the fort compliments the entire vicinity which is done by the Gond Empire.

Panna National Park-

This Park is an exemplary of great camaraderie between the wildlife of a forest and the arboreal impressiveness. The park has been awarded the title of “Best maintained park” and thus remains a hotspot for holidaymakers.

Lord Shiva Statue-

Kachnar City in India is blessed with the largest sitting statue of Lord Shiva in the entire country. The aura of this statue is omnipresent and attracts thousands of devotees every year.

Madan Mahal Fort-

Half of its muse is shrouded under yesterday’s gleaming history. Belonging to the Gond rulers, this fort stands as an impervious evidence of their reign over Jabalpur.

Balancing Rock-

One wouldn’t find such whimsies of nature easily, anywhere. This balancing rock has been magnetizing tourism for ages.  A must visit for those who love bizarre places.