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Must Visit-

21.9 km from Bedhaghat
*Divine Narmada River Pooja

-Dhuandhar Falls
22.9 km from Bedhaghat
*Magnificent Marble Rocks!

-Chausat Yogini Temple
*Rich archaeological history!

Places to eat-
-Coffee Culture, Jabalpur
-Haveli Restaurant and Garden, Jabalpur
-Kalchuri Residency Hotel, Jabalpur

Places to stay-
-Motel Marble Rocks, Jabalpur
-Vrindavan Gopala Resort & Restaurant

Nearby places-

-Balancing Rocks
*Balance of two rocks sustaining a powerful earthquake!

-Tilwara Ghat
*Where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed ‘Gandhi Smarak’

-Rani Durgavati Museum
*Stone replica of Goddess Durga

Best Route-

(26.4 km) via NH 12A


Must Visit-

Beautiful Vankhandeshwar Temple

-Sonagiri Temples
5 km from Datia
*Pilgrimage of the Jains

-Bir Singh Deo Mahal
Beautiful paintings on the ceiling
*Built entirely on stone

Places to eat-
-Chanakya Restaurant, Datia
-Hotel Tanya Palace, Datia

Places to stay- 
-Tourist Motel, Datia
-Hotel Tanya Palace, Datia

Best Route-
(76.8 km) via AH43

Nearby places-

-Govind Palace
*Internal art forms and architecture

-Udnu Ki Toriya (8 km from Datia)
*Beautiful Hanuman Temple

-Rajgarh Palace
*Bundeli Architecture


Must Visit
Jageshwari Devi Temple
*The face of Goddess Jageshwari and location of the temple

– Koshak Mahal
3.6 km from Chanderi
*Victory monument

Chanderi’s largest pond

-Badal Mahal Darwaza
*Most prominent structure in Chanderi

Places to eat-
-TanaBana, Chanderi (Restaurant/Café)
-Amraee, Chanderi

Places to stay-
-TanaBana, Chanderi
-Amraee, Chanderi

Best Route-
4 h 8 min (211.9 km) via MP SH 19 and NH 75

4. INDORE- KHANDWA (Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga)

Places to eat-
-Mediterra at Sayaji Hotel, Indore
-Shreemaya Celebrity, Indore
-Sheesha Sky Lounge, Indore

Places to stay-
Radisson Blu Hotel, Indore
-Sayaji Hotel, Indore
-Fortune Landmark Indore

Best Route-
3 h 11 min (130.3 km) via Khandwa Rd

Nearby places-

10.1 km from Indore
*A beautiful Jain temple

-Lalbagh palace
*The palace of Holkars

*Temple made entirely of glass!


Must Visit-

-Narmada Udgam Temple
*Origination point of Narmada

-Durgha Dhara Fall
*Scenic beauty

Places to eat-
-Back in time restaurant (Narmada Jacksons Hotel, Jabalpur)
-Motel Marble Rocks, Jabalpur
-Asanzo’s Fast Food Eatery (Narmada Jacksons Hotel, Jabalpur)

Places to stay-
-Narmada Jacksons Hotel, Jabalpur
-Motel Marble Rocks, Jabalpur

Best Route-
4 h 1 min (222.4 km) via MP SH 22

Nearby places-

14.0 km from Jabalpur
*Divine Narmada Aarti

-Gurudwara at Gwarighat
14 km from Jabalpur
*India’s longest Nishan Sahib


Must visit-

10.2 km from Pachmarhi
*The highest point in Satpura Range

-Bee Falls
2.9 km from Pachmarhi,
*Famous sitting spot at Pachmarhi Lake

Jata Shankar
1.9 km fromPachmarhi
*A natural cave and a Hindu shrine

Places to eat-
Golf View Restaurant
-Rice bowl, Bhopal

Places to stay-
Rock-End Manor, Pachmarhi
-Welcome Heritage Golf View, Pachmarhi
-Satpura Retreat, Pachmarhi

Best Route-
3 h 52 min (206.5 km) via NH 12 and MP SH 19


Places to eat-
-Chef’s Alcove, Indore-
Khanabadosh, Indore-
The Creative Kitchen (Radisson Blu), Indore
-Wanna puff, Indore

Places to stay-
-The Red Maple Mashal, Indore
-Sayaji Hotel, Indore
-Hotel Crown Palace, Indore

Best Route-
46 min (25.9 km) via NH 3

Nearby places-

-Choral dam
45 km from Tincha falls
*Scenic beauty and boating-

26.6 km from Tincha falls
*Grand 150 feet high waterfall

12 km from Tincha falls
*Wildlife Sanctuary


Places to eat-
Infinity Kanha Wilderness, Kanha
-BanjaarTola -Kudo-Kutki (Kanha Village Eco Resort) , Kanha

Places to stay-
-Infinity Kanha Wilderness, Kanha
-BanjaarTola, Kanha
-Kanha Village Eco Resort, Kanha

Best Route-
2 h 41 min (132.5 km) via NH 12A

Nearby places-

-Sahasradhara Temple
*Scenic Location of the Temple

-Mandla Plant Fossils National Park
77 km from Jabalpur
*Fossils from a million years ago

-Kala Pahad
*Natural Rocks that look machine cut