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Poha – Jalebi

Not Poha, not Jalebi. It’s Poha- Jalebi together. The fusion of poha, topped with onions, different types of sev, coriander and a pinch of lemon juice with the pretzel shaped goodies dipped in sugar syrup. Feed this to us -24*7*365 and we still would want more!

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Bhutte ka Kees

Corn cooked with spices and simmered in milk. What you get is an unusual and mouth-watering vegetable dish. Topped with a little coriander and shavings of coconut and a pinch of Jeeravan. A must have!

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Dal Baati/Bafla

In a mood to have a treat that can last whole afternoon, followed by the evening that will be spent sleeping? Small dumplings of wheat, cooked in a tandoor, dipped in ghee, served with dal, kadhi, green chutney and topped again with ghee? Death by awesomeness.

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Fried balls filled with dal mixture? Move over. In M.P., taste Aloo ki Kachori, Matar ki Kachori, Bhutte ki Kachori, Pyaaz ki Kachori, etc. Who knows even a Sev ki Kachori?

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This list will be incomplete without the famous ‘SEV’. You can literally put sev in anything. ANYTHING! And it will taste delicious! From sev on poha, to sandwiches to maggi! We can have a whole meal only with sev and parantha! And we know you are going to leave with loads of packets!

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Calling Garadu similar to French fries would be unfair. Deep fried pieces of root called Garadu, taste like potatoes. So far it’s similar to French fries. But the killer masala along with lemon juice, makes all the difference! Mostly a seasonal dish, but truly sensational, especially when served hot. Come winters, this will be served at every nook and corner!

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No one serves chaat like we do! And we aren’t called home for street food for nothing! And obviously we love everything that has huge amounts of sev in it.
Be it Bhelpuri, Panipuri, Dahipuri, Gathiya chaat, Dahi bade, etc. Mouth watering already?

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Sabudaane ki Khichdi

Famous street food eaten anytime during the year. We do not restrict this as ‘upvaas ka khana’. Usually accompanied with thick potato chips, this is one of the most common evening snacks. Get that cup of chai, and a plate of Sabudana Khichdi. Sorted!

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FYI – Maggi

Imagine Maggi served in more than 23 different styles. From kebabs to Chinese style, from pizza toppings to Italian style, you name it! And frankly, who doesn’t love maggi?

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Don’t confuse this with Nimbu Shikanji. It is nothing like it. Not even close. Ever had thick milk with malai and dry fruits in it? Well, that’s Shikanji for you, M.P. style. Choose from flavors such as Mango, Kesar or Sitafal.

So there you have it. Expect an increase in weight when you visit Madhya Pradesh and make sure to double up on that workout session. Forget about that diet, you will die- eating in your trip to the Heart of the nation!

Divya Bhandari