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Tucked away in the Vindhyan Ranges is the district of Datia. Materializing from the pages of Mahabharata from”Daityavakra” to Datia, this place holds a legacy of the Royal Rajputs of Bundelkhand.

About The Locals: Majority of local population belongs to the rural areas and relishes in the simpler joys of life. Khadiboli, Bundeli and Dravidian are the major languages of the region. Music, Dance and Wrestling are the prominent Entertaining factors.

Sightseeing: Datia has ample to offer when it comes to Culture and Heritage. Be it Peetambara Peeth, Bir Singh Deo Palace or the Sonagiri Temples the architectural splendor and aesthetic vibes are sure to catch up with you.

Places to stay

When looking for a weekend get-away or a night out the Tourist Motel by Madhya Pradesh tourism serves you just right. But if you’re in transit and need a place to stay nearby Datia you can check out Hotel Anand and Hotel Tulsi within 30kms of Datia.

Places to Eat

Datia offers a number of small eateries but the best option would be to eat at the Tourism motel.

Travel tips

Datia can be visited anytime throughout the year. In order to get around in Datia one can go by Auto Rickshaws, Bikes and buses.

The area is dominated by rural folk so it is advisable to be mindful of your precious belongings at all times.

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