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Nestled among the Valleys of Betwa River at Chanderi you will find yourself surrounded by Historical tokens and awestruck amongst the weaving clusters of Chanderi Fabric.

About the Locals: This picturesque town comes to life with the clacking of weaving looms. People of Chanderi have taken to various art forms to earn their livelihood; these mainly include Weaving, Bamboo Weaving, Stone Quarrying and Pottery.

Sightseeing: Along with its art forms the town of Chanderi has also managed to preserve a large number of historical wonders within its vicinity.

Look out for tall archways and imposing architecture at Koshak Mahal, Find yourselves admiring the brilliance of a defining edifice at Badal Mahal surrounded by lush gardens and high walls. And if Landmarks are your thing then do visit Kati Ghati Gateway and cherish a panoramic view of the town as well as the valleys surrounding it.

Places to stay

Provide your itchy feet some rest at Tana Bana, a budget friendly hotel by Madhya Pradesh Tourism or Rejuvenate your mind and heart with the earthy, historical charm of Amraee (3km from Chanderi).

Places to Eat

Since Chanderi is a great day trip idea; taking your meals at your hotels would be the best option.

Travel tips

The best time to set out for Chanderi is from October to April.

The nearest airports to Chanderi are at Gwalior, Bhopal and Khajuraho. It is also well connected by Rail and Road networks.

You could also Buy the world famous Chanderi fabrics/ Sarees here, the best places to shop from are:

  • Bankas Vikas Sanstha (a self help group with an outlet in Chanderi town).
  • Pranpur Village, 3 km from Chanderi, where you can buy sarees directly from the weavers.

Tourist Information Centre:

Gwalior Tourist Office
Railway Station, Gwalior.
Tel. No.: (0751) 4040777.
E-mail: togwalior@mptourism.com