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Majorly famous as a pilgrimage for the Bohra Muslims and Sikhs, Burhanpur is a city with great value of architecture. A single fact about Burhanpur  would immediately drag your attention towards the city. The fact that Taj Mahal was initially to be built in Burhanpur as Mumtaz died here while giving birth to her 14th child, until a few months later, when the body was moved to Agra, leaving the chosen site of Burhanpur, vacant.

About The Locals: The locals of Burhanpur are dedicated towards their textile business. The city is the largest hub of powerloom industry in the state. FunFact: Burhanpur is largest producer of Banana in Madhya pradesh.

Sightseeing:  As you enter the gate of Dargah-e-Hakimi, you would not only be hypnotized by its white beauty but would feel positive vibrations all over your body. They say one who comes here, never goes empty handed. You can also enjoy the mosques and gardens situated inside the tomb complex. Purely cut out of stone, Jama Masjid has a very interesting architecture with hand carved designs on stone, taking you back to the Mughal empire. Also you can enjoy the beautiful site of Asirgarh Fort encompassing through Narmada and Tapti River valleys.

Places to stay

Some of the really good hotels that you could stay in are Tapti Retreat, Hotel Ambar & Holiday Resort, and  Hotel Ambar & Holiday Resort giving you a descent level of comfort and hospitality.

Places to Eat

As the roadside eateries are not to be trusted, it is a good decision to eat where you are staying.

Travel tips


The best months to visit Burhanpur are October to February. Do not rely totally on the guides as they might make you miss out on certain important places. Do your research well in advance.

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