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Bagh caves

Bagh Caves exhibit brilliant examples of Buddhist Culture. From being a sanctuary for Buddhist Monks to now showcasing one of the best Murals and Rock Cut Paintings of India; Bagh Caves have seen it all.

About the locals: Bagh Caves are situated among the southern slopes of Bagh Town, in Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh. People here contribute to the elevated status of this town; famous Bagh Print of Madhya Pradesh owes its origin here. The locals, mainly the Khatri Community go through a painstakingly long process to create beautiful handcrafted fabrics with Bagh Prints.

Sightseeing: Find yourselves exploring the best specimen of Indian Rock-Cut Architecture at Bagh Caves, Madhya Pradesh. The five caves that have survived the tides of time will take you through some of the most stunning Mural Paintings, Rock-Cut architecture and ancient Buddhist Culture. And if you are an Indian Handicrafts Fan then you can visit Bagh Print workshops in Bagh town, where the local artisans can be found working on the indigenous fabrics.

Places to stay

Bagh would be best for a Day’s Trip therefore you can find great accommodation in Dhar (87.7 km) or Mandavgarh (82 km). You can find yourselves the much needed calm and comfort away from hustle of city at Jhirabagh Palace, Dhar. You can also choose a great place from the various options available at Madavgarh (Mandu).

Places to Eat

Bagh is a rather small town and though it has its share of eateries it is advisable to take your meals prior or after your visit. One could choose to eat at their hotels or resorts whichever you deem fit.

Travel tips


The best time to visit Bagh would be from September to February.

It is advisable to book a private taxi from Dhar or Mandu since there are no separate means of public transport available for the caves.

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