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10 Places To Explore the Art and Culture of the Place

Rehwa Society, Maheshwar-

Keeping up with the historical love of Maheshwar- the art dwells in the veins of this town. Rehwa Society is working with weavers to give a platform to their deft hands that weave Maheshwari silk and cotton sarees. Come and have a look at how they weave!

Central Museum, Indore-

The know-how of prehistoric life and its nuances is shown in the Central Museum of Indore. It is all about illuminating the history, culture, artifacts, intricate ornaments, classy medieval sculptures and a lot more stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere but here.


Military headquarters of war aka Mhow is more than just a scenic gateway. One will find exotic leather products, magnificent smoking embroidery, great wooden furniture and relics of military wars.

Zari Work, Indore-

300 years old art– Zari works in Indore is at the edge. The fragile and fine intricacies that make this art exclusive can be found all over the place. Indore is famous for its impeccable craftsmanship in the Zari work.

Stuffed Leather Toys, Indore-

Almost all the varieties that your mind can think of, you will find here; Camels, Tortoise, Leopard, Horse etc. Stuff you can decorate your home with, stuff which is exotic and handmade.

Batik Print, Indore-

Every culture entails a series of art & craft which speaks volumes about its history. Such is the nature of batik print, exclusively designed here depicting the minuscule of life.

Jute Industry, Indore-

With the latest technology, Jute in Indore is not just class apart but also superlative in the quality. With innumerable designs and patterns, Jute in Indore is certainly meeting world’s standards.

Ravindra Natya Griha-

Ravindra Natya Griha has been fuelling Indore’s cultural tradition for decades.  It hosts all the shows, gigantic ceremonies, food fests, events, plays etc. It also exhibits several fairs for traditional art and design.

Kalidas Academy, Ujjain-

Voicing the bygones through the process of studying them, reading them, bringing them to public’s notice is the essence of this academy. They relentlessly work in order to bring light to Kalidasa’s literature.


Beyond being the city of temples Ujjain is also the place where hand carved stuff from tribal people is sold, exclusive classes for poetry and jaw-dropping fabrication of bamboo products exists.