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places to explore

State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art, Khajuraho:
Located in Chandela Cultural Complex the museum displays a rich collection of Folk Art and Tribal Cultures of Madhya Pradesh.

Jai Vilas Palace Museum, Gwalior:
The palace turned museum houses astonishing art work gathered from around the world and is frequented by history buffs from all over the world.

Archaeological Museum, Gwalior:
Preserving the rich heritage and culture of Gwalior dating back to different centuries with its huge collection of artefacts is the Archaeological Museum located within the Gwalior Fort Complex.

Dhubela Museum, Khajuraho:
A storehouse of antiques and unique artefacts majorly from the Bundela dynasty Dhubela Museum houses a vivid collection of art work belonging to the various rulers of the region.

Jain Museum, Khajuraho:
In the midst of Jain temples is the Jain Museum rendering an insight into Jain Architecture through beautiful sculptures and figurines that it houses.

Sarod Ghar, Gwalior:
Documenting the evolution of East Indian Classical Music and Instruments Sarod Ghar, Former abode of India’s Sarod Maestro Ustaadh Amjad Ali Khan houses a beautiful of assortment of Indian Classical Instruments.

Chanderi Museum:
Housing ravishing sculptures and ancient artefacts gathered from Chanderi and its surrounding regions the Chanderi Museum exhibits a number of cultural and historic ruins.

Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum, Gwalior:
Erected in the 15th century the Gujari Mahal a palace turned Museum holds 28 galleries and showcases numerous artefacts with exquisite collections of Paintings, Sculptures, Inscriptions, Pottery and Ammunition.

Kala Vithika, Gwalior:
Kala Vithika a museum of Art and Music houses ancient Indian Musical Instruments belonging to Indian Maestros and showcases an array of paintings and portraits guarding the Rich Culture and Heritage of the state.

Jivaji Rao Scindia Museum, Gwalior:
The magnificent museum takes you into the lavish lifestyle of the Kings and Queens of Gwalior. Portraying a blend of Indian and British cultures the museum houses wide range of antiques and ancient gadgets.