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10 Places Of Historical Importance

Historical Monuments of Mandu-

The tiniest diorama of Mandu would include grandeur grace. The Ship Palace, Rani Roopmati pavilion, Hindola Mahal, etc will cast a reverie on you. 

The Daly College, Indore-

One of the most prominent schools in the country now, The Daly College once schooled wards of all regal empires. It’s an honourable contribution to Indian education and a gigantic splendour to watch. 

Temples of Ujjain-

Ujjain can be India’s official home for temples; Lord Shiva resides here in every nook and corner. The Mahakaleshwar, Bada Ganpati, Kal Bhairava. Mangalnath and Rumi ka Makhbara are thus alluring to ogle at. 

Maheshwar Ghats-

As placid as one could imagine, Maheshwar Ghats are known for being clean, sans hawkers, less crowded and an entrance to spirituality. Practicing yoga on its porch during sunrise could be a once in a lifetime kind of experience. 

Krishnapuri  Chhatri-

Perched  on the banks of river Khan in Indore, this chhatri beholds the glory of embedded stone monuments in a row, closely knitting the mortal remains of Holkar dynasty; March to October being the best time to visit. 

Lal Bagh Palace-

If one seeks a secret guide which will show them the opulence, culture and tradition of the Holkar Raj, then Lal Bagh is the place that depicts all that at once.


Rajwada has put on a show for quite some time; a perfect blend of Maratha and Mughal empire. The entire monument showcases details which open intriguing facts about its rulers. 

Ahilya Fort, Maheshwar –

It belongs to the highly praised Ahilya Bai and the regal empire that she used to run 250 years ago.  This place has now been converted into a heritage hotel. 

Chhatribaug, Indore

Chhatribaug is an impressive collection of various temples. As divine as splendid rays of the Sun, this place is bound to illuminate a sense of repose in your heart. 

Gandhi Hall, Indore-

The go-to place for all art fanatics. Gandhi Hall is the pumping cultural heart of Indore that hosts various events belonging to innumerable ethnicities and people.