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10 historical places in the circuit

historical places

Gwalior fort:
Overlooking the town of Gwalior is this sandstone fortress built a millennium ago; today stands a shining beacon of the medieval architecture. No visit to Gwalior is ever complete without a visit to this magnificent monument.

Memorial of Tansen:
Located in the vicinity of the Tomb of Ghaus Mohammed is this classic piece of Mughal Architecture dedicated to one of the greatest musicians India has ever seen. The place also serves venue for the country’s most popular Annual Music Festival.

Jai Vilas Palace Museum:
With the most charming blend of Tuscan, Italian and Corinthian style of architecture Jai Vilas Palace built in late 19th century speaks volumes about the royal culture and rich heritage of Gwalior.

Khajuraho Group of Monuments:
The Khajuraho groups of monuments have been and will be imperative to the rich heritage of India. The timeless art carved into the very centre of this nation by Chandela Dynasty is something not to be missed when travelling to Madhya Pradesh.

Rajaram Mandir, Orchha:
The golden glossed Fort where Lord Ram is revered as a King is one of the most eminent forms of architectural brilliance. Adorned with multifaceted arches, domes and ethereal themes the place serves you with portions from the past.

Chanderi Fort:
A distinct exemplar of Mughal Architecture, Chanderi Fort built by Bundela Kings has its roots deep into the history of Chanderi.

Bajrangarh Fort, Guna:
Placed at an altitude of 92.3 metres the ruins of Bajrangarh Fort will leave you awestruck with its stunning architecture.

Fort of Ater, Bhind:
Wrapped in Grandeur and the remarkable architectural style of its period Ater Fort is your route into the history of Bhind.

Sabalgarh Fort, Morena:
Erected on an elevated cliff is the Sabalgarh Fort built in 1795 A.D. the place offers a fascinating view and insight into the past.

Chhatris at Orchha and Gwalior:
Built in the 16th century the Cenotaphs at Orchha are tombs of Bundela royals. Spread over the bank of River Betwa the Chhatris are a window into the lives of Bundela Royals.

Portraying architectural brilliance of the royal medieval period of Scindia Dynasty the Chhatris of Gwalior are one of the prominent historical sites in the town.