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10 Events And Festivals In The Circuit

Kumbh mela, Ujjain-

Among the four major destinations for Kumbh in India, Ujjain beholds the magic of the people. Every year thousands come here for the holy dip and during the time of Kumbh it exponentially increases. It is a must visit for everyone.

Bhagoriya, Jhabua-

A rather crazy festival where young girls and boys are allowed to elope, if they like each other, happens only within the tribal regions of Madhya Pradesh. The haat is organized in the form of Swayamvar.

Mandu Utsav, Mandu-

This is a week-long fiesta which pays attention to details and gives a platform to unexplored art and talents; traditional dances, poems, songs, plays along with food brings an imaginary essence.

Malwa Utsav, Indore-

This is Indore’s most spectacular event that exhibits art and craft work, showcase talent, host fair and manage thousands of people every year. It is one of the most loved festivals of the Malvi region.

Kalidas Samaroh, Ujjain-

Kalidas festival isn’t just about one thing, but numerous literary elements that collaborate to make one big successful Kalidas event. Academic programs, dramatics, literary fest, fellowship- a lot more happens under the realm of Kalidas.

Ameer Khan Festival, Indore-

Indeed a soulful show, this festival has been hosting a prototypical event for classical singing. It provides a platform to budding and established classical singers alike.

Kumar Gandharva Festival, Dewas-

Every year on 8th of April, Kumar Gandharva Festival is celebrated in order to pay tribute to the legendary classical vocalist. Various musical performances and chain of music programs is the winning bet of this festival.

Navratri, Ujjain-

Navratri in Ujjain happens in the color red; the city is mesmerized with the festive fever. Garba, pandal, decoration, food, fairs and a certain cheer takes over the town.


Ain’t no festival as joyous as this one in the entire world. Rangpanchi’s gair in Indore is an event of madness. The entire city comes on streets to paint the town in a billion colours.

Nimar Utsav, Maheshwar-

Nimar Utsav strongly revolves around the idea of celebrating river Narmada. Boating, cultural programs, dance shows, music competitions and drama are the main highlights.